A FREE masterclass for women leaders

How to Find your Voice & Speak Up

While still being your authentic self


The live masterclass to place on Wednesday 26 January

But you can still access the replay

Discover four ways that you are unintentionally letting self-doubt stop you from speaking up and having influence

You’ve got a great job but right now things are challenging.

You want to thrive but you know self-doubt and your inner critic is holing you back.

This masterclass is for you if you...

   Worry that what you have to say is not important or valid

   Struggle to organise your thoughts and by the time you have the meeting has moved on

✔   Find it hard to negotiate or ask for what you want

✔   Feel anxious before presenting or chairing meetings because you worry what other people will think of you

Are you ready to learn how to...

    Ask for what you want and need to develop your own career

   Say NO to what you don’t want and negotiate with ease

   Find your value and self-worth so that you don’t have to rely on others validation

   Spot the phrases that are holding you back and reducing the amount of influence you have




Right now you feel that the more you try to speak up and find your voice the louder your imposter shouts

You don't need to keep fighting alone - let's work together to help you find your voice - are you in?
It's FREE and it's coming this January 

In the masterclass I will walk you through four powerful steps you can take to identify how you are holding yourself back and overcome self-doubt.


Now is your time

to authentically speak up

to learn how to ask for what you want

to know when and how to say no

Introducing Emily Petty

I'm Emily 

I found myself at a cross roads....

I thought that if I just worked harder everything would be ok.

I took on a job because others said I would be good at it - I was scared of not living up to others expectations.

That simply didn’t work. 

When I realised that striving for perfection was never going to lead to a successful or fulfilling career I changed track. I started to look at my values, my strengths and what I really wanted to do to have impact.

It led me to coaching and training. Everything I teach and share I have lived through myself. I walk through these steps every day.

What others say


I gained greater confidence, joy and hope in myself and work leadership.

-Emily Elliott


I would highly recommend to anyone looking at personal development; discovering more about themselves – and their potential.

-Vanessa Holmes


I left the programme feeling much more confident in myself and my leadership skills, I have resolved 2 challenges and now have a clear list of priorities for the next 6-9 months

-Aimee Mckenzie

A FREE Masterclass for women leaders


How to Find Your Voice & Speak Up

While still being your authentic self