About Me

Hello, I’m Emily Petty and I’m a leadership trainer and coach. I am passionate about helping emerging leaders unlock their potential and lead thriving successful teams.

It all began when I was a senior fundraising leader and I realised there had to be another way to lead successfully. I was burnt out and felt I didn’t have the skills I needed to lead effectively. But in truth I didn’t know where to go to get help.

My aim in Leadership Reset is to help you understand yourself, find your strengths and have the tools to lead your way.  Over three months you will discover how to

  • Reboot – to shift your working patterns to work less
  • Make meaningful connections to supercharge your career and build a strong team
  • Develop a growth mindset helping you to see challenges as opportunities

I will also offer you some brilliant tools to use to help you and your team reenergise when you get stuck. To get started, please register today.


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