I’m Emily Petty, a leadership and transformation coach and founder of Lead Your Way.

I help you transform how you lead yourself so that you can expand and have more impact. 

I help women at a crossroads in their life and career expand and rise up. I help you grow and explore life from new perspectives so you can become the women you were born to be. 

When you work with me I will walk alongside you to help you...

Belong and find a safe supportive space where I can help guide you as you navigate your way to contentment, joy and peace.

Believe that you can achieve anything you desire. 

Find true fulfilment through realising that success is not about the hussle, the job title or the pay cheque.

Have impact in the world in a way that uses your strengths and gifts and enables you to stay true to your values.

I do this by opening up safe supportive spaces and holding the space for women. Together you will learn how to


Lead yourself - personal growth and transformation, career growth

Lead others - inspire others to lead themselves, developing your leadership strengths and skills

Leading teams - create spaces for teams and organisations to connect, collaborate and create

Every step you will be leading your way.

I do this through my three step framework - rising up. Helping you open up to yourself and your emotions, show up in the world with curiosity and kindness and step up to take action so you can rise up with confidence and have an impact in the world. 

Using this framework I offer 

  • 1-2-1 coaching

  • Run group coaching programmes for leaders and individuals who want to take a step up in their life and career

  •  Work with teams and organisations who are passionate about making work better for everyone. I help you build a strong, connected team. Teams that have trust, growth mindset and good well being will succeed. 

I draw on my experience as a leader for over 15 years in the charity sector. As well as being a Relational Dynamic Coach accredited through Coaching Culture At Work and an Accredited C-Me Colour Profiling Facilitator.

If you'd like to work with me or find out more about my approach email me at [email protected] and we can book a FREE Discovery call.