A 60 day training and coaching programme for leaders who want to step up, overcome self-doubt and own their leadership style.

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Let's face it leading and managing teams isn't always easy. 

Perhaps you find yourself...

Working harder and harder

You think that if you just work a bit harder you and your team will achieve the results you want.

Being there 24/7 for your team

You think a good leader should always be available and responsive.

Asking "Am I doing this leadership thing right?"

You've got that inner critic and self-doubt which is telling you that you don't shape up.

If that resonates with you it might be because you are focusing on the wrong things 

You focus on working harder and harder, trying to be there for your team, ticking each job on your to do list off. But this strategy only leads to self-doubt, overwhelm and burn out.

Now is the time to reset your leadership approach.

Leaders don't achieve success by working harder and harder. They succeed by focusing on three key things.

  1.  Knowing who you are
  2. Seeking to understand others
  3. Spending time focusing on gaining and giving clarity to your team.

Together this will help you build your confidence and empower your team to be innovative and adapt in these challenging times.

By taking this unique approach to leadership you will be able to feel calm and have the confidence to influence others.

I know you are saying I'm far too busy to have time to think about my development?

The irony is that if you work harder and harder at the wrong things you will get burnt out. Which is why Leadership Reset starts with looking at how you can understand yourself first.

Investing time in yourself will enable you to be a better leader and move from the operational to the strategic and have more impact.

A survey by Think Consulting Solutions (Feb 2020) of leaders highlighted that time and operational requirements were the biggest barrier to their leadership development. 

When you start to understand yourself you can lead with confidence and empower your team to success.

By resetting your beliefs and mindset you will start to lead differently. 

Imagine what it would feel like when you lead your team from your inner power and self-confidence? 

  • Relaxed - You would have the time to think strategically

  • Clear headed - You have a clear plan for your team and are able to influence others to support you

  • Calm - and in control

  • Excited Your team will be motivated, engaged and achieving great results

I'm Emily Petty 
As a leader I found myself overwhelmed and burnt out.

I thought that if I just worked a bit harder and tried to solve every problem in my team I’d achieve success. I went on courses but I had the mindset that I needed to know more than my team and lead in a certain way to be a great leader. 

That simply didn’t work. 

When I realised that if I focused on understanding myself, others and then reenergising my team I would start to lead from my strengths. The result - my team became empowered, we achieved results and I had more time.

Your Leadership Reset plan in 3 Simple Steps:

When I started showing these steps to my coaching clients it transformed the way they lead. That is why I've created this framework.

  1. OPEN UP to yourself and your emotions. To find your inner calm and peace. 
  2. SHOW UP in the world with curiosity and kindness. To be curious about your thoughts and experiences. To look for the possibilities and opportunities you have to learn and grow.
  3. STEP UP and take action driven by your values so you can lead yourself and live a life of courage and joy.

Introducing your 60 day training and coaching programme

In Leadership Reset you will have access to four online training modules. All the content is in short videos with workbooks that you can work through in your own time.

You will get coaching support through four action learning sets.

You will be part of an exclusive leadership cohort of up to 12 women where you will make powerful connections and find the support you need.

Here are just some of the things you will learn and discover inside Leadership Reset

"I lacked confidence and really wanted to work on that."

"I took up a leadership role within my organisation a few years ago, but lacked confidence and really wanted to work on that – to benefit me, my progression and the team. Emily’s leadership course was just what I needed.

I would highly the course to anyone looking at personal development; discovering more about themselves – and their potential."

Vanessa Holmes - Associate Director,  Milton Keynes Hospital Charity 


Leadership Reset has everything you need to help you feel empowered, inspired and motivated

You will have access to:

Now let's break down the online modules that will help you gain confidence, work less and empower your team

Open Up - to your leadership style

You will learn about yourself, how to rest, reflect and how you work at your best. This will help you take back control of your leadership and lead your way.

Show Up - with others

Learn how to find your support network. Build meaningful connections at work so that your teams are motivated, productive and successful.

Show Up - for yourself

You will move from a fixed to a growth mindset. Seeing learning as your goal and have tools to help your team shift to a growth mindset too.

Step Up - take action

 Set goals, create your action plan so you can lead yourself and others and have the tools to get unstuck, innovate and move your team forward

Plus you also get...

  • Four peer to peer coaching sessions
  • Four live Q&A's
  • You are part of a private facebook group with peers on the programme
  • Access to speakers and bonus content

"I am a more confident leader."

"Before the course I was still new into a leadership role and definitely struggling with impostor syndrome.

I was struggling to find space to think about my own leadership growth and lacked confidence. The Leadership Reset programme taught me some really practical tools and exercises that I have put into practice and which are positively impacting not just my work, but my development as a person too. I am a more confident leader and the tools have helped me navigate the sudden crisis we found ourselves in."

Rosie Oldham Head of Fundraising, and Communications, Thames Reach

I'd love the opportunity to coach you 1-2-1 but...

I know that that can get costly. That is why I created this programme. I wanted more leaders and mangers to get the support they needed without having to invest in 1-2-1 coaching. There is also real value and power in the network of leaders you will meet on the programme. You will be in an exclusive cohort so you will form strong peer relationships over the 2 months.

Many of my clients choose to pay for the programme themselves - why?

Because they know that investing in their personal leadership development is going to help them in their current role and in years to come. But remember your boss is also looking to do what it takes to ensure they have a high performing team that can cope during ongoing change. So if you can't invest yourself then know that your manager also wants to see you succeed and this is one way they can support you.


Now is your time

JOIN Leadership Reset TODAY

The programme starts on Monday 19 September 2022

You have a decision to make. Are you going to keep trying to be the perfect leader or are you going to take the steps you need to reset your leadership? If that’s you then I’d love for you to join me on this journey so that you can gain confidence, empower your team, work less and achieve results.

Join Leadership Reset TODAY

Pay in full or 3 monthly payments



Weekly challenges

A private facebook group

Online content

Four Live Q&A's

Four Live Action Learning Sets

A C-Me Colour Profile

A Private 1-2-1 coaching session

Access to the DIY Team Builder toolkit




 Weekly challenges

 A private facebook group

 Online content

 Four Live Q&A's

 Four Live Action Learning Sets

 A C-Me Colour Profile

 A Private 1-2-1 coaching session

 Access to the DIY Team Builder toolkit


Hear what Sian thought of the programme

Sian Wilkinson-Iles, Head of Fundraising USPG joined the January 2021 Programme. Listen to her story.



Gain confidence, work less and empower your team. You will join a small exclusive cohort of peers who will journey with you through the programme.


PLUS! You will get...

Colour Me profile 

C-me is a powerful profiling tool that helps you focus on your behaviour and getting to grips with you preferred ways of doing things.

You will get an advanced profile report that is bespoke to you

1-2-1 60 minute coaching session with me

An opportunity to work through a challenge that you are facing and to review your C-Me Profile helping you to make progress and succeed

Access to the DIY Team Builder Toolkit 

This toolkit with equip you to build a motivated and engaged team.

"I left the programme feeling much more confident in myself & my leadership skills." 

"I have resolved two challenges I was facing at that time and now have a clear list of priorities for the next 6-9 months, to put more of what I learned from the programme into practice."

Aimee, Client Services Manager

Let's Recap

In the programme you will get...


  • A C-Me Colour Profile
  • A 1-2-1 coaching session
  • Access to the DIY Team Builder toolkit

So you have a choice to make..

You can continue to struggle with self doubt alone OR you can JOIN Leadership Reset and gain confidence, feel empowered, and have impact.


You might have some Questions

Each week there is either a coaching session or a Q&A for 90 minutes

Each week you are given an action to focus on which mirrors the content in the programme.

Above this I encourage your to dedicate 15 minutes a day to reflecting on the progress you are making and the actions you are taking.

Ultimately time spent taking action will save you from working harder and harder on all the wrong things. Each action will help reset your leadership approach and take you a step closer to success.

 The programme costs £690 

You can pay online by card  or you can request an invoice at [email protected]

You also have the option to spread the cost over 3 monthly payments of £230 if you pay by card.

There are 4 modules in the course. 

Each module has 5-6 videos each are 10-20 mins long.

We work through each module over 2 weeks

If you join the programme, engage with the content but find it is just not helping or working for you, I will give you your money back.

All I ask is that you give it a try and take some action.

Yes, if you want to talk to your boss about the programme I can provide a PDF with the relevant information.

The programme is designed for people who have recently stepped up into a new leadership or management role. You could be an experienced leader but have made a new jump or you are simply lacking in confidence. I've had CEO's, Directors and Managers gain value from the programme. I would say for it to be of most value you need to be managing a team or leading a project.

Absolutely, the participants who succeed most in the programme have met me and had an exploratory chat.

If you would like a chat to find out more about the programme and me please drop me a line on hello@emilypettyconsulting.com or book a discovery call HERE 


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