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Do you feel that your life is at a crossroads? Life is OK but you know there could be more, you could be achieving more and living with more joy. You know work consumes you but you don't know how to break free. Change is closer than you think. You just need to follow three steps.

Step 1 - Open up to yourself and your emotions. To find your inner calm and peace. Not by pushing emotions down but by accepting and surrendering to the unhelpful stories or difficult experiences that life inevitably brings.

Step 2 - Show up in the world with curiosity and kindness. To be curious about your thoughts and experiences. To look for the possibilities and opportunities you have to learn and grow.

Step 3 - Step up and take action driven by your values so you can lead yourself and live a life of courage and joy.

The journal will take you through these three steps each day.


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Hi, I'm Emily Petty a leadership and personal development coach

I help women who are at a crossroads in their career, life or business overcome fear of failure and self-doubt. I help them walk comfortably with themselves, helping them lead themselves first, then rise up as leaders. Enabling them to have an impact, live a life of meaning and create a work culture that enables others to succeed.

I do this through my three step framework - rising up. Helping you open up to yourself and your emotions, show up in the world with curiosity and kindness and step up to take action so you can rise up with confidence and have an impact in the world. 


Are you ready to fulfil your ambitions and achieve your dreams?

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