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Transform the way your team works together by creating a shared language and understanding


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Perhaps you..

  • Have a new team who have never met before face to face
  • Need your team to build resilience as you transition to hybrid working
  • Know communication in your team can be tricky but you're not sure what the blocks are
  • Know your team aren't as productive as you know they can be

Here are three steps to building trust, increase productivity and have positive working relationships.


C-Me gives space for each of us to understand ourselves

Opens up discussion so you can understand others

Encourages everyone to take action to adapt to improve team performance

Transform your teams performance

Great teams start with trust and understanding. C-Me Colour Profiling can help your team see each other in a new light.

What makes the tool so powerful is that everyone has a unique profile. It focuses on behavioural preferences rather than making a value judgement about who you are.

I've seen it powerfully unlock conversations that enable staff to feel valued and listened to, so teams can quickly build trust, communicate, collaborate and are able to succeed even in uncertainty.


In the FREE taster webinar you will

  1. Understand how C-Me Colour Profiling can help unlock your teams potential
  2. Understand your behavioural preferences so you can start to see your strengths and the value you bring to your team
  3. Increase your personal productivity as you learn to focus your energy where your preferences lie
  4. Learn techniques to help you support your team to communicate more effectively

Ultimately you will see whether this could be a useful tool to use with your team to help them reach their potential.

Emily Petty

As a leader I found myself overwhelmed, I felt I wasn't good enough.

I thought that if I just worked a bit harder and tried to solve every problem in my team I’d achieve success. I went on courses but I had the mindset that I needed to know more than my team and lead in a certain way to be a great leader. 

That simply didn’t work. 

When I realised that if I focused on understanding myself - being myself, I would start to lead from my strengths. The result - I had a voice, I grew in confidence and my team became empowered, we achieved results and I had more time. That is why I believe that C-Me can be such a powerful tool for you and your team. I am an accredited C-Me Colour Profile Activator having trained in November 2019. I have run numerous workshops and use the tool with my 1-2-1 clients and programme participants.



Now is the time

If you're tired of trying to second guess how best to communicate with your team or miss understandings and petty frustrations are holding your team back from achieving so much more then come and find out what C-Me is all about.

Come and get some tips that will help you lead others and communicate more effectively and find out whether it is the right tool for your team.

If you can't make the workshop let me know as I will be running more workshops like this in the future..