What holds you back?

This FREE guide will help you to...

  • Spot where you lack confidence

  • See the impact self-doubt is having

  • Take action to banish worry and succeed as a leader


This guide is for you if you...

  • find yourself constantly worrying about work
  • think that you are not doing a good job
  • think that you are going to be found out
  • compare yourself to others
  • avoid challenging conversations

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About Me

I'm Emily Petty a leadership coach, I was an ambitious leader who found myself held back by lack of confidence and self-doubt.

I thought that if I just worked a bit harder and tried to solve every problem in my team I’d achieve success. I went on courses but I had the mindset that I needed to know more than my team and lead in a certain way to be a great leader. 

That simply didn’t work. 

When I realised that if I focused on building my confidence and resilience  then I would start to lead from my strengths. The result - my team became empowered, we achieved results and I had more time.